Drilling Instrumentation

Zaxxon Instrumentation objective is to become the preferred instrument vender for everyone to go to for purchasing drilling fluids instrumentation sensor devices. The product list can be broken out into two main components, each of which can be marketed as its own  separate service or combined to provide a complete system wide integrated process:

i. Drilling Fluid Property Measurement

a. Flow rate both in & out of the well

b. Density both in and out of the well

c. Rheology both in and out of the well

d. Electrochemical properties both in and out of the well

e. Particle Size Distribution both in and out of the well

f. Oil/Water Ratio both in and out of the well

g. Salinity properties both in and out of the well

ii. Solids Control & Waste Management Equipment Instrumentation

a. Centrifuge – Measure Flow Rate, Density, Water Cut, Salinity and Particle Size Distribution both suction and effluent

b. Measure “oil on cuttings” of both the centrifuge and shakers

c. Automated Mud Mixing Equipment Instrumentation

The Zaxxon Instrumentation company objective is to provide drilling fluids instrumentation to the drilling industry. The details of this service will be contracted into a partnership type of technology alliance whereby Zaxxon Instrumentation will act on behalf of the client to account for the accuracy and performance of all systems deployed by 3rd party contractors. The technological findings that will be extracted from a thorough analysis of the data should be bidirectional amongst all members of the drilling engineering team, including all third party service providers. The system will be designed and implemented under the guidance of the client with total support from the 3rd party contractors. The objective of the Zaxxon Instrumentation system is designed to remove all doubt from the drilling operation, significantly reduce NPT events and aim to reduce overall drilling costs.

Business Philosophy: The Zaxxon Instrumentation business philosophy is to “do the right thing always”, to provide everyone involved with the operation all the information necessary to complete the daily tasks on time, on budget, with no lost time accidents and no harm to the environment.

Industry Description: The drilling industry is slow to warm up to automation and utilizing PLC control systems for reliable data management. In the past 20 years, the industry has made several monumental strides in sophisticated drilling fluids formulations, top drive drilling equipment and major advances in drill bits and MWD/LWD tools but it has been slow in developing how to utilize the data from these marvel inventions to really capture their true value. The data generated from the drilling process can be monitored and processed in the same way we monitor and process information in our downstream refineries. This can open up a whole new window of opportunity in developing new drilling standards, drilling optimization techniques, risk mitigation methods, reservoir management models and asset management predictions. But the biggest potential comes from the anticipation that more stringent compliance engineering will find its way into the new regulations on drilling operations…we anticipate that this can be very positive for Zaxxon Instrumentation with our unique skills set.

Strengths & Core Competencies: Zaxxon Instrumentation most important company strengths and core competencies would have to be our knowledge gained from working closely for 7 years with the industry subject matter experts. The learning’s unveiled were bidirectional; many key milestones came from peeling away the layers of a problem until collaboratively the solution presented itself. The factors that will make Zaxxon Instrumentation succeed are teamwork and total support by our clients. As the knowledge base continues to grow with every new client, it is this knowledge that will set us apart from our competition. The fact that this type of project has never been attempted ever before is what will become our major competitive strength, being at the forefront of product development and execution. We know we have the knowledge, skills, determination and passion to deliver a successful project each and every time our instruments are deployed.

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